We create customised leading-edge solutions for temperature regulation and temperature stabilisation in the Transport, Room, Body and Equipment areas. “Moving energy in time”, we use our own Phase Change Material (PCM), ClimSel, to create customer-specific solutions for temperature-stable transport – cold chain, heating/cooling of buildings, personal protection against heat or cold, and thermal protection for electronic and mechanical equipment.

Thanks to our know-how, materials knowledge and innovative skills, we develop solutions in project form, in collaboration with our customers, based on their unique requirements. This makes Climator one of the leading global players in temperature stabilisation solutions. We can give you the temperature you want, when and where required. If you have an application or an idea for an application – we can give you the optimal temperature solution
Johan Brunberg
CEO, Climator Sweden AB

Temperature protection of sensitive, valuable freight including pharmaceuticals, foods, and human/animal organs. With ClimSel PCM, a microclimate is created to keep your cargo within the correct temperature range at all times, whatever the ambient temperature.
Energy storage in buildings – embedded in the structure or held in storage tanks. Thanks to its capacity to store cooling or heating energy, ClimSel PCM is a smart, highly energy-efficient part of today’s indoor climate solutions.
Temperature-regulating, protective clothing with integrated ClimSel PCM elements can provide professionals, athletes and working animals and pets with an autonomous system for protection against heat or cold.
Cooling and temperature stabilisation of electronic and mechanical equipment. ClimSel PCM provides secure protection during temporary temperature peaks, as well as cyclical fluctuations in ambient temperature.

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