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CA large number of occupational groups – firefighters, steelworkers, divers, workers in cold storage and more, are exposed to temperature environments that affect their productivity and health. Similarly, athletes, working animals and pets are exposed to temperatures that adversely affect their comfort and well-being. The application area is called Body – here ClimSel is included in various types of clothing. By integrating ClimSel, for example, in vests, gloves or blankets, autonomous regulation for comfort heating or comfort cooling are created

”Occupational workers and athletes worldwide wear temperature-regulating clothing with integrated ClimSel solutions.”

Many applications

Many applications

ClimSel can be used successfully as the key component in many applications. For example, in nursing and geriatric care, ClimSel can be used for both treatment and rehabilitation. Since both cooling and heating can be important parts of a treatment, Climator’s ClimSel provides the opportunity for developing unique applications in this area.
Effective sports activities

Effective sports activities

Effective sports activities, among other things, need correct heating and cooling. Thanks to vests and other clothing with integrated ClimSel, the risk of injury is reduced and performance enhanced. Today, these solutions are used by elite athletes and racing drivers.
Temperature ergonomics

Temperature ergonomics

Firefighters, soldiers and steelworkers are examples of professions subject to abnormal temperatures in the work environment. With ClimSel as a key component in workwear and protective clothing, these can be charged in a temperature range that counteracts high working temperatures. For personnel working in refrigerated warehouses, workwear is instead charged at temperature levels around room temperature. In both cases, work can then be performed with good temperature ergonomics.

”ClimSel – integrated solutions for workwear and temperature-regulating clothing for cooling or heating


TST Sweden works with technically-advanced protective equipment that combines a high degree of quality with comfort. This product group, Cooling, is based on ClimSel technology and offers temperature-regulating clothing with integrated PCM elements that efficiently absorb heat. Occupational groups such as police, soldiers, firefighters, foundry workers and miners, are examples of groups using integrated ClimSel technology.



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