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Electronic and mechanical equipment is all around us – in computers and servers, catalytic converters and electric motors. These types of equipment have one thing in common – sensitivity to heat. Hence, various types of cooling are essential for both safe operation and extending the service life of the equipment. Temperature stabilisation using ClimSel is an excellent way to protect electronic and mechanical equipment from temporary temperature peaks, as well as cyclical fluctuations in ambient temperature.

Interesting opportunities

Interesting opportunities

We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from leading global electronics companies for applications to protect their equipment from extremes of temperature. ClimSel is well placed to offer a wide range of opportunities for temperature-proofing electronic equipment and ensuring smooth operation over time.
Climate-proof protection

Climate-proof protection

When placing equipment in subtropical or desert conditions, equipment can be temperature-stabilised by using ClimSel as an insulation material in the building where the equipment is housed. This provides effective protection against the heat of the day as well as the cold of the night.
Protection against heat or cold

Protection against heat or cold

Computers and processors are frequently exposed to operational peaks, releasing excess amounts of self-generated thermal energy. Batteries, on the other hand, are sensitive to the cold. Both cases are examples where cladding the equipment with ClimSel can provide effective temperature stabilisation and, thus, protection of the equipment.

”ClimSel is an excellent PCM solution for protecting sensitive electronic and mechanical equipment against thermal peaks as well as cold conditions.”


One of our reference cases concerns the temperature stabilisation of electronic equipment in electrical substations located in a desert environment. By using ClimSel as an insulating material in the actual building, the material is able to absorb solar energy during the day while protecting the equipment from the cold of the night.

The ClimSel is tuned so that the stored thermal energy is gradually released during the evening and night. When the sun returns in the morning, the by then solidified ClimSel material will once again start to absorb energy. An excellent example of the way ClimSel moves energy in time.



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