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ClimSel was initially developed for energy storage in buildings. Thanks to its ability to store cooling or heating energy – and move energy in time – ClimSel is a highly energy-efficient part of today’s indoor climate solutions.

Energy storage in ClimSel is a good example of the way solar energy and night cooling can be stored in waterborne systems and then used during the part of the day when energy is required. ClimSel can also be integrated in building structures to absorb excess energy during use and emit energy during the night/rest period.
Thus, ClimSel can contribute to lower energy consumption and more energy efficient indoor climate systems.

”Indoor climate solutions with ClimSel have enormous potential for efficient energy storage.”

Integrated ClimSel

Integrated ClimSel

ClimSel can even be integrated into the joists, floors or ceilings of buildings. There it acts as a temperature equalisation system that absorbs the excess energy generated by people and equipment. For example, by building ClimSel into floorboards or tiles, the material can absorb surplus energy and keep the room temperature comfortable even during high loads. With ClimSel, 24-hour equalisation of temperature variations can be created.
Storage of free energy

Storage of free energy

By capturing, for instance, solar energy via waterborne solar panels, the energy can be stored easily in water tanks fitted with ClimSel. This means that energy captured during the day, thanks to ClimSel’s phase change properties, can be stored and used during the part of the day or night when heating is required. This provides considerably reduced energy costs as well as easy connection to existing waterborne systems.
Property management challenges

Property management challenges

The challenges facing today’s property management operations are huge. Demands for lower energy consumption and a more environmentally-friendly operation, rising energy prices and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and EU regulations are examples. Making use of free available energy or low tariff energy, with the help of ClimSel solutions, is the smart way to go. Then solar energy, excess heat, outdoor air cooling or cheap district heating can be stored easily and used when really needed.

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Swerod, in collaboration with Climator, has developed solutions for energy storage in buildings. With a Swerod system, energy costs can be reduced considerably and meet the need for both heating and cooling, in summer as well as winter. By means of storage tanks filled with water, and Swerod rods filled with ClimSel, a simple connection is made to the waterborne system and energy – solar energy, waste energy, low tariff energy – can be moved in time to when it is really needed. Swerod’s system has been developed for homes, offices and commercial and public premises.

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By placing ClimSel under the ceiling of an office building in Stevenage, England, the need for air conditioning has almost been eliminated. ClimSel stores cooling energy during the night and then releases it during the day when demand and the need for cooling are greatest.



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