Here are the answers to some common questions about ClimSel and the solutions we supply.

Can I buy ClimSel in bulk?

No, we only sell our ClimSel products packaged, typically as ClimSel batteries, i.e. application-tailored, hermetically-sealed aluminium foil bags. A central aspect of our offer is proposing, developing and supplying ClimSel batteries that, in terms of overall dimensions and volume, are optimally suited to the customer application in question.

Which ClimSel applications do you sell?

We co-develop solutions and applications in project form with our customers, based on each customer’s unique needs. For this reason we do not, generally speaking, sell any applications with ClimSel, rather we produce and supply customer-initiated applications in which ClimSel batteries are part of the solution.

How is ClimSel packed?

Most of our products are delivered as ClimSel batteries, i.e hermetically sealed aluminium foil bags to guarantee long lasting function.
Climator can also deliver ClimSel in other types of materials, e.g. plastic. However, as plastic is not completely air-tight, functionality may be affected.
Our machine-packed ClimSel battery sizes are as follows:
Length: 100-500mm
Width: 70, 80, 115, 125 and 150mm
Weight: 100-1000g
Project-tailored sizes can be made on request.

How is ClimSel distributed?

Climator does not sell ClimSel in bulk. Depending on specific customer requirements, our production facilities provide options to fill other types of containers and packaging with ClimSel, rather than the typical ClimSel battery package. Please note that a filling hole measuring at least 20mm is required for project-tailored filling and non-hermetic containers and packaging may affect ClimSel’s functionality over time.

How much does ClimSel cost?

Our product prices vary depending on the combination of:
- Type of ClimSel
- Packaging material
- Packaging size
- Order volume or annual contractual volume
Since we do not sell our products in bulk, we need the above details to give an accurate price.

How does ClimSel affect the environment?

ClimSel is a water soluble, non-flammable, inorganic product based on salts. It has a minimal impact on the environment, no hazardous emissions and is not harmful on contact with the skin. Furthermore, thanks to its sustainability, ClimSel is an excellent choice for the environment. Compared with alternative products on the market, ClimSel has a negligible carbon footprint and, for example, in applications for heating and cooling buildings, contributes to considerably reduced energy consumption.

How long does ClimSel work?

Stored correctly in undamaged packaging, ClimSel is stable over time. This provides highly advantageous user economy and is, therefore, a product solution with inbuilt sustainability.

As a student, can I get more detailed information about your products?

All basic information is available on this website. If you need more specific information, we will do our best to help you, time and commercial commitments permitting.

Is it possible to obtain product samples?

Yes, of course. If we have the type of ClimSel you require in stock, we can send free samples weighing up to 2kg. However, please note that the recipient is responsible for arranging and paying the shipping costs. Product samples are delivered as ClimSel batteries and the quantity of ClimSel sent as a sample depends on our current inventory.

General Delivery Terms and Conditions

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